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In a fast-paced world where film production is evolving with modern-day technologies, dynamic storylines/scripting and...

Over the years, we have been actively involved in TV production while partnering with African-based companies that have been...

Why don't you engage us to assist you in getting to your desired destination with our professional touch. At Theatron Media Inc.,...

Are you in the process of making a film or TV series and you are seeking a production crew to help you actualize your project?


Since the inception of Theatron Media, we have distinguished ourselves in filmmaking by providing world-class content for all kinds of audiences. We have consistently exceeded the expectations of our clients through exceptional customer service. Aside from producing several award-winning transnational contents to reach the global film market, we also manage film production projects for investors. At Theatron Media Inc., we have a unique approach for each and every project and as a result we assign a production representative to each client whose role is to understand and achieve the deliverables. We have made several blockbuster movies and have also handled several contracts for private investors and government agencies.


In recent years, we have epitomized excellence in TV productions having churned out several award-winning sitcoms and telenovelas with several millions of viewers across North America and Africa. We have leveraged key partnerships in building an amazing company. We have demonstrated enduring capacity to meet all your TV production needs with an unparalleled service delivery. We are open to partnering or collaborating on TV production projects in Africa and North America with compelling stories that excite, entertain and create awareness on culture, racial tension and socio-cultural dynamics.


Our team of professionals have several years of experience that anyone can benefit from for training and consulting purposes. We provide both consultancy services and training in production management, producing and directing in Africa and North America


One of our services at Theatron Media is crew recruitment for all kinds of production goals and objectives. We help you recruit the best professionals for your production in any part of the world. Our network across different continents affords us the privilege to be able to recruit all crew members for your project.