Nigerian Doctor

action / thriller

New in Cinema

A well experienced dejected Nigerian doctor cum politician relocates to the US with his family after a failed political career in a bid to get away from the unwelcoming political atmosphere in Nigeria.

To make ends meet while still seeking permanent residency in America, he gets an opportunity from a friend to work as a pharmacy assistant. His medical instincts were tested when a life-threatening accident happened around his work place with the victim requiring the expertise of an unavailable specialist surgeon to keep him alive.

The Nigerian doctor steps in to save the day and he is termed a hero only for his heroic status to be cut short after the arrival of the specialist surgeon who immediately decides to fire him and then sue him for operating on a patient without the hospital’s surgical permit.

The Nigerian doctor who was on the verge of deportation over his actions gets redemption when the man he saved from dying organized a massive protest on his behalf to prevent his deportation. The Nigerian doctor is eventually granted presidential pardon and citizenship for himself and his family.