action / thriller

New in Cinema

The story follows the journey of four girls that plan a heist to steal from Chief Odenigbo, a Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The plan is simple. Use the noise coming out from a choir rehearsal in the church opposite the building to drown out the noise of the alarm from inside Chief Odenigbo’s house.

Things do not go according to plan and the girls are trapped inside the church – Sanctuary Chapel.During the course of the night, we learn about the girls – Their lives. Their struggles and the reason they came on this ill-fated quest. Dami is there to save her brother’s life who was shot in a struggle between two local gangs. Joy is there to save the life of her boyfriend. Kainene is there because she feels indebted to Dami’s family and she is also there to find her courage. Flo is there to pay off her debt to the dreaded local crime boss – Dagger who is holding her boyfriend as collateral. In the course of the story, we learn that Flo is the rebellious daughter of Chief Odenigbo and she orchestrated the heist to rob her father.